Monday, February 7, 2011


Quatrain is a collaborative cross-disciplinary project by Brisbane-based designer, Karina Seljak, and
inbetweenspaces, an artist-run initiative of Metro Arts. 

Seljak’s practice experiments with free-form garment construction techniques inspired by ancient and traditional approaches to drapery.  For this project, Seljak has collaborated with inbetweenspaces to experiment with ephemeral exhibition approaches for presenting garments.  Instead of presenting clothing as
static objects on mannequins, the garments have been captured with video to highlight the relations between the body, draped cloth, movement and time.  These videos are presented in the gallery to form an environment of large, floating projections.

The video medium captures and foregrounds the movements between the body and garment, connecting the
construction and design process to the method of exhibition display.  As projections the garments develop an
ethereal, haunting presence highlighting the body’s role in shaping the lines and volumes of the designed forms.

Quatrain runs from 14 - 26 February, Tuesday - Saturday 12 midday - 5pm and by appointment.

Studio 3.10
Level 3
Metro Arts
109 Edward St, Brisbane.



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